Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

Newest News on new stuff ^^

hi there everyone!

i guess it's time for some update again...
Everything is going alright at the moment, apart from that apprenticeship thing....but let's not talk about that ^^

I found a job over christmas - seems as though I'm gonna work at a christmas market some days during the week, which is realy nice!
next good news is that i found a very great therapist at last!i was looking for a new for quite some time now and...well! looks as if i found the one ;) if everything goes the way i want it, i'll have a single therapy place :) (is ist stupid tp be happy about finding a therapist??)

aaand there's something else which is good news, but that's not at all ready yet...BUT. IF it will all turn out to be the way it should....then maybe, maybe maybe maybe my boyfriend, one of his friends and I will be moving together some time next year!!! but:at the moment that's still just speculation.
but i just love to dream....;)

apart from that, i found some new "fun" to entertain myself ^^ i always wanted to play "magic", a card game. but not a simple one, it's a little complicated and has loads of possibilities....well, me and denys started playing it and - it's great ^^
i'm addicted actually *lol*

so, that's it for the moment,

Samstag, Oktober 14, 2006

granada in pictures

okay, i finally managed to upload some of my granada pictures..... comment ^^ (some people just need to play sometimes, you know? ;) )

...and never forget the small green man on the top of your bottle...(yes, we did have fun ^^)

my class :) that's johannes, astrid, me,irene(the sweetest and nicest teacher in the whole wide world ^^) and alice

i like these mosaics a lot. really.

that's granada by night

some more picture will follow the next days :)